They are not abandoned after all -TSM in Dadaab

There was a report that refugees were abandoned as NGOs left Dadaab or scaled down their operations: there was sufficient panic on the staff of NGOs that made them leave the camp served with skeleton staff. But the plight of refugees called for prayers. There was great despondency. What does the future hold?

TSM in Ifo increasing services

Refugees in Ifo Camp praying for help


will there be enough food for us ????

We had promised to plod on and continue with the support of Refugees in the camp. So we loaded our Lorry again to take supplies to Dadaab. Towards the weekend we had a down pour that could have hindered the program but we waded through to get there on 22/23 with truck load of food.

TSM lorry wading through


food for the refugees being delivered to individual groups at the camp

The high security alert has pushed us to get covered at the advice of the authorities and we had to serve the community guarded!

We needed security help Just in case

People in the camps were waiting eagerly for food support and so they gathered to receive and be supported. Women, children and men are all present showing how valuable this help is to them.

gathering for food


the food was a great joy to many families here


leaders calling out and giving food to those listed for ration

They got in their groups and shared the responsibility of distribution.

Rice and Beans pile

People at the camp are facing a double tragedy; the scaling down of NGOs support and the wars in Somalia has now made them very vulnerable. This may heighten the trauma on people in the camp. It is for this reason that we will up our work on counseling and here we have opted first to train from among the refugees TOT of trauma counselors.

trainees of TOT course at Dadaab


the session is over for Trauma counselling

By Rev. Francis Omondi TSM Director