Providing access to water!

It is no doubt that the worst famine on the horn of Africa was precipitated by

part of the landscape of northern Kenya during last years drought

drought. This led to death of animals, the key source of livelihood here.
It was made worse when humans did not have water for life.

In the heat of relief, TSM singled out provision of alternative more permanent water points for populations here both as relief on the short term and long term solution rehabilitation of the region.
We could have supplied water by trucks. Instead we decided to dig wells and boreholes. These were already preferred solutions here in any case. The government allocated ksh 1.4 million for each constituency to provide water.
“the chief and TSM team at Lavaley borehole “]
But this is totally inadequate in comparison to the needs. Some of the boreholes done were not at required depth and so ran dry. Many of these wells were not sufficient for human and animals and besides many were too deep to easily draw water from.

we repaired this wind mill which had ceased working for 5 years and it is now provoding water for home and farm for women group in Wagberi in Wajir

boreholes water tank being hoisted!

Our first borehole in Wajir yielded 10 cubic litres p/h. This is providing water to three villages around Wajir town, one of them, Wagberi, has close to 8000 households. The Ministry of the Northern region have requested that they tap from here to other neighbouring villages. The water is much and very sweet knowing what we often get in Wajir.

Tsm and local leadership were here commissioning a hand pump and well for the benefit of Wagberi people of wajir county

woman drawing water from one of the pumps and well done by TSM in wajir

In complementing these efforts we have rehabilitated one borehole to new depths and re-equipped it to provide water at Levaley to over 7000 households and their stock. We have provided also 15 well and hand pumps for each to allow quick and easy access to water for older people and children.

children can now get water from the wells via pumps quicly and easily

These are very low maintenance due to low mechanization, at initiating and latter running them.

TSM board member was at hand to try one of the new water pumps installed onto a well dug out during the drought as part of our drought recovery plam

In another place we have helped restore a windmill pumping water for a community. They use this water also for farming vegetables for home and sale.
We plan to focus on providing water in the region with 20 more wells needed and 5 more boreholes to help provide water for people livestock and farming.

these are wagberi women group whose farm was rehabilitated to allow them grow crops by restoring the wind mill to pump water to their farm traughs, farm support was given to them also

women group farm at wagberi with 'dania' seedlings ready for transfer. part of thw women group project enabled by water provision

We have one earth dam in an area where doing a borehole is not feasible because of the salinity of the water, nor wells will be possible.
Many thanks for your support in this venture.
Canon Francis Omondi
TSM international Director


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